imagining new worlds using video, media and design.

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Thank you for stopping by our site. We appreciate your time, especially because we know the world is a busy place. Although these pages will be constantly evolving, and changing with us as we develop and grow, they will always provide some kind of trace of who we are, and of what we are trying to do. We hope that visiting us will always be worth your while. We hope that something here will make you smile.


Rebel Spirit Productions, lovers of videos, of art, of music and of life. 

We are inspired by those ideas that keep you up all night,
by those people who make you think more about yourself and your place in the world.

We will do anything to create something that inspires people to think about how they can change the things that matter.

Using video, media and design, Rebel Spirit Productions aims to instigate and contribute to creative projects that encourage people to reflect deeply on themselves and on the world. Whether you have a corporate project, need copy, screen or print content, or are interested in designing a physical environment to promote your business, we are interested in discussing your ideas. Please contact us to talk.